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Dirt Rally Pc Download is the latest kart sports free car racing game for pc. Codemasters Developed it. The game released worldwide on date 7 December 2015. Meanwhile, it released for different platforms for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. On the other hand, The Linux and Mac OS versions released on 2 March 2017. The main quality of the game is that along with several other car racing games dirt rally now offers a very dangerous driving car experience for its players which you may not have ever before.

Highly CompressedDirt Rally Game Download Free Full Version a very entertaining, challenging car racing video game ever made. Its roads are vast over 80 million miles and it has all the qualities and unique features which make it the most unique and most entertaining rally game. Feel the risky feeling of driving on the edge of the road on white line, and trying to control the vehicle and control all your emotion and concentrate on your drive with all the dangers of driving, and you aim to win and for that get the best out of your car while you know this as well that just one crash can badly waster your stage rally time.  These all things and high risks test the ability and skills of driving and in the end, had high rewards of winning the car rally.

Dirt Rally Pc Free Download Gameplay

Dirt Rally Car Game Download For Pc is a free car racing video game that focused on rally racing. Players compete in timed stage events on roads and off-road in different changing weather conditions. The game featured 17 cars and total 36 different challenging stages from three real-world locations. These locations were Monte Carlo, Powys, and Argolis. Stage range is 4 to 16 km. Afterward, updates included three more locations in this Dirt Rally. These locations are Baumholder, Jamsa, and Varmland. The game has rallycross as well as player vs player multiplayer game mode.

It included a large number of racing cars of 16 different manufacturers. The cars exit from the 1960s, 1970s, 80s, and 2000s and 2010s modern rally, rally-cross. And Pikes peak and cars having up to 10 liveries. Most importantly, The image quality is much improved in full 1080p resolution. In addition, Dirt Rally Pc Version includes the steam workshop that consists of preset setups from each vehicle by users that helps races from different territories and from different tracks also the game has 100 mods.

On the other hand, A player can take part in the community via daily, weekly or monthly race challenges. It earns in-game rewards or can take part in the online multiplayer rally-cross race. Also, players can play with their friends and can play their own racing league. Or you can join an already existing league within the  Community. Meanwhile, the player can join as many Dirt Rally leagues as he wants with full customization features and with different changing weathers.

Later the developers added the daily, weekly, and monthly events to the game which make it more favorite of the car racers. These races can be joined either alone or with your car racing team. All the event races allow the players to win extra experience points as well as in-game currency. The currency used to upgrade the car engines and other performances as well as unlock new cars to compete in the races.

Dirt Rally Free Download Pc Game Development & Release

It developed using In-House Ego Engine. Its development started after the release of the earlier video game Dirt Shutdown in 2012. Dirt Rally Download Free released on 7 December in the year 2015. Initially, at its release, received a positive response. And Game star game the game 90%. And said that the best rally simulation at the moment and one of the best racing games of all time.

Because of its fast and furious gameplay car racing experience, the game achieved too much fame in the game lovers’ world. Therefore, at the beginning Dirt Rally Apk For Android received 88/100 review rating points for the Pc Microsoft Windows version. On the other hand, It gets 87/100 points from Metacritic for the Xbox Console Version.

Dirt Rally Game Download System Requirements

  • RAM               4 GB RAM
  • OS                   Windows Vista and Windows-7 and Windows-8
  • CPU                AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core and Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4 GHz and Above
  • Free Disk       35 GB Free Hard Disk or More
  • Video Card   AMD Radeon HD 5450 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 and Intel HD 4000 with 1 GB of VRAM

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