Real Racing 3 Pc Download Free Full Game

Real Racing 3 Pc Download: this is a famous 2022 Car Racing Game. Firemonkeys Studio develops Real Racing 3 Free Download. On the other hand, Electronic Arts was Published worldwide for Android, PC, Nvidia Shield, iOS, and BlackBerry 10 devices. The gameplay allows the players to play online and race against the world. The Game’s Release Date worldwide is 28 February 2013 for iOS and Android. It is the sequel to earlier games 2009 and 2010. Real Racing 3 Features 19 real-world race tracks worldwide and 22 car grids, as well as 209 officially licensed cars from 33 manufacturers. These manufacturers include Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ford, Ferrari, McLaren, and Koenigsegg. In this game, players have to spend in-game cash to maintain and service their vehicles.

Real Racing 3 PC Download Free

At the start of the game, players are lent a Porsche 911 Gt3 RS. They must buy a Nissan Silvia S15 or a Ford Focus RS as their starting car. The driver starts the game with level 0 but increases the rank as the player earns fame points which are based on the performance of a player in the race.

There are 135 series available in the game up to June 2017. Certain cars can be used in the given series. Every series is divided into seventeen to twenty-two tires. All tiers contain three races. Entering into a particular series just one tier is available. When one tier is unlocked all the races in it are unlocked automatically to play.  To perform the maintenance and upgrades players required in-game cash.

In-game Currency

Real Racing 3 Game Download Players earn two types of in-game currency Dollars and Gold Coins. Meanwhile, Gold coins are used to quickly complete the maintenance, purchase new cars, unlock new tiers, unlock cars, buy higher level upgrades, customize cars, and purchase cars.

Eventually, the car will deteriorate to the point that it begins to underperform if get any damage. However, At that point, the player must have to service the car. Therefore, This service can take up to several hours. Meanwhile, If a player spends gold coins this service will take less time. But, The player begins with two drive points and can increase a maximum to 5 points by using gold coins.

If a player runs out of drive points they can use two gold coins to get a full refill or simply wait until the game automatically gives the points. On the other hand, the player has a unique choice to hire a Manager to earn Double RS. On the other hand, A player can also hire an agent to earn double fame, or an auto engineer to maintain the condition of the car. Furthermore, the player is free to hire no crew members or all three. Each crew member costs one gold coin. However, from Time to time crew members offers their services for free.

Real Racing 3 PC Game Free Download


Real Racing 3 System Requirements

  • CPU                Dual Core
  • RAM               1 GB RAM
  • OS                   Windows-XP
  • Sound Card  Yes
  • Free Disk       2.5 GB Free Hard Disk
  • Video Card    SM 3.0 Intel HD Graphics 2000 and NVIDIA GeForce 6500 and ATI Radeon X5100

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Real Racing 3 Game Download Free Full Version Torrent For Pc

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