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ARK Survival Evolved Free Download: an action-adventure and survival game. Studio Wildcard developed ARK Survival Evolved Torrent in collaboration with Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement. The game is published by Studio Wildcard.

Ark Survival EvolvedARK Survival Evolved Free Full Game Download Release Date

The game’s release date is 29 August 2017. But the Release Date PS4 and  Xbox One along with Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS are the same. But iOS and Android APK dates are 14 June 2018. The Nintendo Switch version is planned to release in 2018.

ARK Survival Evolved Pc Game Price and Sale:

The price was initially $ 29.99 US but after that suddenly the Price PS4 increased to $ 59.99 US. And Sale in the first month its release sold over one million digital copies. By August 2016 the sale reached over 5.5 million copies. And PS4 sold 20941 digital copies in Japan between 25 September to 29 October 2017.

ARK Survival Evolved Download Pc Gameplay

The game features either a first-person perspective or third-person perspective action-adventure and survival game that is set in an open-world environment. To Survive in the game the player must establish a base with fire and weapons. There is approximately 36 Km of land and 12 Km of ocean in this game. The open world of the game is named “ARK”.

The player must gain structure components like floors, doors, and windows with the resources found in the open world. A player can earn these resources as they progress in the levels. The player can create any structure as long as they have the logistics and resources. Creating out of the structure makes the most strong and only high explosives can damage this tek structure.

The players can also craft the items in the game like weapons, by collecting the resources and technology required to craft these items. Players also can craft like scope or flashlight for a pistol or machine gun. If a player takes damage his health meter will regenerate if they consumed the necessary food. They also can regenerate their health if they craft items that regenerate the health meter at a fast pace.

It features 29 species of Dinosaurs and also 40 other creatures. These Dinosaurs can be tamed by feeding them food after they have been rendered unconscious. Once a Dinosaur is tamed the player can utilize its abilities such as fight or fast underwater movements. Players also can ride these creatures and also can use their weapons. These tamed creatures also used to carry items. Some other animals also featured in PS4 which named Dodo, a Saber-toothed cat, a woolly mammoth, meganeura, titanamyrma, and pedicures.


ARK Survival Evolved Reviews

It received mixed or average reviews according to review aggregator Metacritic. Meanwhile, GameSpot said ” This outstanding sense of place and mood offset by the sheer difficulty of everything that you have to do. On the other hand, the spectacular amounts of time necessary to experience even a tenth of what the game has the offer. And the Randomness of death constantly destroys everything that you have built in the game. However, Gamespot awarded the game a point of 6/10. PC Gamer gave it a score of 72/100.

ARK Survival Evolved Pc Game System Requirements

  • CPU                   2 GHz Dual Core 64 Bit CPU
  • OS                      Windows-7 and Windows-8
  • RAM                  4 GB RAM Required
  • DirectX Version 11
  • Free Hard        20 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Video Card      DirectX 11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM

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