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Persona 5 Ultimate Edition: a role-playing social action PC game. Atlus Games developed it. Meanwhile, it is the sixth main installment in the Persona Series. The game story is set in the simulation places of a modern-day city of Tokyo and follows the Character’s Protagonist after he transferred to Shujin Academy. The game features a single-player gameplay mode.  anime cutscenes were created by Production I.G and directed under the supervision of Toshiyuki Kono. An additional newly added difficulty setting level was also added which is known as Merciless also released as DLC Free. Consequently, Dancing Star Night the updated version released in Japan on 24 May 2018.

Persona 5 Ultimate Edition For PC

Persona 5 Ultimate Edition Release Date

The release Date worldwide is 4 April 2017 and in Japan on 15 September 2016. It was released for Pc, Xbox One, and PS4. In Japan, it is published by Atlus, in North America by Atlus USA and in Europe and Australia is released by Deep Silver. Along with the Standard Edition, a 20th Anniversary Edition was also released. It includes DLC downloadable content based on Persona 3 and Persona 4, featuring music from all six games and the artbook for the game by Soejima.

Persona 5 Walkthrough

Walkthrough to guide into the game which took place in the modern City of Tokyo. The protagonist’s Character is transferred to the Shujin Academy. During the school year course, he and some other students know their Persona powers. And they become a secret group named Phantom Thieves of Hearts. As in the earlier released games in the series, they fight with the enemy Shadows.

Meanwhile, PS4 incorporates role-playing and dungeon crawling features alongside social simulation scenarios. On the other hand, It features a day-night cycle and weather system which determine the behavior similar to the social simulation game. The protagonist attends school, performs a part-time job, pursues other activities, and creates items which used in fights. These activities improve character attributes. The protagonist can develop relationships known as Confidants. With this system the main protagonist can improve their relations with the other characters he met and some of them is leading to romance. Improving ranks with non-party Confidants grant other in-game bonuses such as giving access to new items and equipment as well as boosting experience point and Yen Gain.

Persona 5 On Pc Gameplay Guide

With normal school life, there is dungeon-crawling gameplay of two different kinds with a realm called Metaverse. Story-specific dungeons called Palaces and randomly generated Mementos dungeons. Meanwhile, Both are populated by Shadow the enemy. While wandering in these dungeons the party uses stealth gameplay to avoid the sight of enemy Shadows. On the other hand, Some of the areas offer puzzles that are solved using the insight ability known as Third Eye. However, With a Turn-Based combat system, a battle begins when the party runs into the enemy. Also, the party can launch a surprise attack and gain an advantage in the fight with the enemy. Meanwhile, In the fights, the party has access to melee and gun weapons.

If a player strikes an enemy weakness they knock the enemy down and are awarded an additional turn. On the other hand, If all enemies are knocked down Hold Up is triggered. Meanwhile, The party can launch an all-out attack, demand high money or items, or enter a negotiation. While if the main Persona 5 Protagonist is knocked out it caused On Pc Endings. On the other hand, if a party member is arrested by the Shadows he is unable to return to the party if the negotiations fail. Full Persona 5 Gameplay

The Persona 5 For Pc Characters:

 On Pc Playable Characters: are listed as under.

Protagonist                    Ryuji Sakamoto                    Ann Takamaki

Morgana                         Yusuke Kitagawa                  Makoto Niijima

Haru Okumura               Goro Akechi

On Pc Confidants: characters are listed as under.

Sojiro Sakura                    Chahaya Mifune                    Munehisa Iwai

Tae Takemi                        Sadayo Kawakami                 Ichiko Ohaya

Shinya Oda                         Hifumi Togo                           Yukki Mishima

Toranosuke Yoshida          Sae Niijima

Persona 5 Pc Review

Meanwhile, Metacritic Review received universal acclaim. In addition, It is called one of the greatest role-playing games of all time. On the other hand, PlayStation Official Magazine UK describes the Ultimate Edition as “An Unabashed Masterpiece. However, the graphical style and art direction are praised very highly all over the world. Some critics also criticize some features of Ultimate Edition. Meanwhile, Persona 5 Award won many game awards while being nominated for many game awards.

Persona 5 Ultimate Edition Free Download

Persona 5 Pc System Requirements

  • CPU                 Intel i5 5th Gen 2.7GHz and AMD A10 7th Gen 3.0GHz
  • OS                    Windows-7 (Service Pack 1)
  • RAM                4 GB of RAM
  • DirectX           DirectX Version 11
  • Free Disk       18 GB Free Hard Disk Required
  • Sound Card   DirectX 11 Compatible Sound Card Required
  • Video Card    NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti and AMD R7 265

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