Shadow Tactics Blades of The Shogun Pc Game Download Free

It is basically a real-time tactical pc game. Shadow Tactics Pc Download Free gameplay style is very much similar to the Commandos and Desperados Series. Shogun Torrent Game takes us to the ancient old times Japan in 1615 in the early Edo Period. The Shogun decides to make the entire country a peaceful place and to make that possible he has to fight and eliminate all opponents who dream of rebellion. For that, he turns to five specialists of killing, sabotage and espionage.

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics Game Download released on 6, December 2016. the setting is based on Japan’s Edo Period. Shogun unites Japan after the years of war but a mysterious new warlord named Kage-sama emerged to sabotage the peace of Japan which is a big risk to the stability of the country.

Shadow Tactics Highly Compressed GamePlay

Shadow Of War Torrent game player commands a squad of up to five characters. And player must infiltrate heavily guarded enemy compounds. If a guard spots you, he will raise the alarm. After that additional soldiers will attack from the nearby buildings and begin patrolling the area. gameplay depends heavily on studying the patrol routes of the guards. Their cones of vision, isolating a single guard by distracting his comrades and then killing the said guard and hiding the body. And by that player can destroy enemy one by one in order to work toward the objective.

Shogun Pc Game each mission contains unique objectives. Meanwhile, you have to change the tactics in every second or in every new step. However, this rather effectively stops you from getting too comfortable with a tactic. Because you never know when you find your self in an awkward situation. Which make you have to change your plan. In addition, you plan prison breaks, assassinations, burglaries and even army sabotage.

Shadow Of War Torrent characters is Hayato, Mugen, Takuma, Yuki, and Aiko. Hayato is the main character. Meanwhile, with ninja strike, the shuriken throw, and the stone throw skills. On the other hand, Mugen is the second and his attacks are sword wind and Katana. Takuma is used for support. However, Yuki is a thief and a very agile character. Aiko is an assassin and can reach the places where other characters cannot reach. In conclusion, for Shadow Tactics Blades Of The Shogun For Android Apk Download Free Gameplay help visit youtube.

Shadow Tactics Pc Download Mission & Characters

there is mission named, Osaka Castle, Nakasendo Road, Imai Town, Tsuru Mountain, Lord Yabu’s Palace, Hida Village Suganuma Village, Kanazawa City, Kage-Sama’s Camp, Mount Tsuru, Matsuyama City, Myogi Pass, and Sunpu Castle.

Meanwhile, the Game received positive reviews upon its release. On the other hand, received three German Developer Awards of.

  1. Best German Game
  2. PC / Console Best Game
  3. Best Game Design

Shadow Tactics Pc Download System Requirements

  • CPU                        Intel Core i3 3.5 GHz and AMD Quad Core 3.9GHz
  • RAM                       6GB RAM
  • Free Disk             13 GB Free Hard Disk
  • OS                          Window-7 and Windows-8 and Windows-10 (64Bit)
  • Graphic Card     2GB GeForce GTX 570  and Radeon HD 6950 and Over

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