Plants Vs Zombies Free Download Full Pc Game

Plants Vs Zombies Free Download: a strategy tower defense game. PopCap Games Ltd develops and publishes the game worldwide. The players protect their areas against the zombies by using different plants to reach their homes and eating their brains.

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies Pc Download Release Date

Plants Vs Zombies Pc Download Full Version: release date is 5 May 2009. It was available on Stream on the release day. iOS version released in the month of February 2010. On 8 September 2010  Xbox Live Arcade version released with new additions and updates. Nintendo DS version released on 18 January 2011. And PS3 version released in February 2011. Android version released on 31 May 2011. Pc for Microsoft Windows and Mac version released in January 2015.

Plants Vs Zombies Pc Gameplay

In Plants Vs Zombies Free Download For Pc Full Highly Compressed Game players plants different plants and fungi. Each plant and fungi has its own offensive or defensive qualities. The purpose is to stop zombies from reaching the house. The playing area divided into 5 playing lanes. And a zombie will reach the house through one lane. Players plant different plants or fungi in these lanes. In the beginning, the plants can either have offensive qualities or defensive qualities. So they can either attack the zombies or can defend against them. But later in the game, the players can purchase offensive or defensive upgrades and abilities of the plants. Gameplay is more challenging in the night time.

However, the zombie’s features in the game have different speeds, damage tolerance, abilities, and different looks. On the other hand, there are some zombies who can jump and fly. If the zombies reach the end of a lane the player will shoot by his own and kill all the zombies near to the house. But in this game, the zombie reached the player’s house then it is the end of the game. In addition, These zombies enter the house and eat the player’s brain and kill him.

Plants Vs Zombies Game Download Full Version Reviews

Plants Vs Zombies Download Full received positive reviews according to Metacritic. However, Metacritic awarded version 87/100 points. On the other hand, It gives iOS 92/100 Points, iPad 93/100, Xbox 360 89/100 and PS3 85/100 While PSVita version awarded 77/100 points.

The game is nominated for many game awards. Meanwhile, It was selected as “Best Game Of 2009” by Gamezebo.

Plants Vs Zombies System Requirements

  • OS                    Windows XP
  • RAM                 512 MB RAM Required
  • CPU                  1.2 GHz or Above
  • Free Disk        65 MB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Video Card     DirectX 8.0 with 128MB VRAM And NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500

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