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onechanbara z2 chaos

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Pc Download is among some best action, hack and slash pc games that have been played today.  Tmsoft developed it. Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Torrent is a direct sequel to the Japan OneeChanbara Z Kagura. The first game of the sequel is OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers and Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad which was released in 2009. It is the game of two vampire sisters and two legendary zombie hunting sisters.

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Pc Download Description

The game is basically the war of Vampires and the baneful with swords and it is totally bloodshed. They always fight to prove their supremacy over others. These battles become the reason of decline for the vampires and just a few members survived. Among the surviving members, two pairs of sisters also survived. Queen Carmilla the vampire make them fight each other. But soon they both pairs of sister realize that what is happening and they come to know that Queen Carmilla is using them to her advantage. They turn their weapons to the Queen Carmilla who was their combined enemy. And soon they defeat the Evil Queen Carmilla.

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Free Pc Download Gameplay

The gameplay revolves around action hack and slashes combat. Meanwhile, Two pairs of sisters characters can be changed on the fly. However, Each character has their own unique attack styles and qualities to fight the enemy. On the other hand, During the stages, the players earn Yellow Orbs which is like money to spend in the game. Furthermore, the Players fight with different enemies and the main enemies are Zombies, Werewolves, Ghouls and Demons. However, To defeat these enemies player have to use different weapons like swords, chainsaws, and guns.

The most important thing to know that, the use of combo length, items used, damage dealt and receive can affect the score in positive or negative. The player can submit these scores on worldwide leaderboards.

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Pc Release 

Tamsoft is the developers and Jp-D3 Publisher, NA-Marvelous USA, EU-NIS America is the publishers. OneeChanbara is the main series. Meanwhile, it released on October 30, 2014, in Japan for Microsoft Windows. However, All Editions in Nort America published as Banana Split Limited Edition.

Furthermore, the game received mixed reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, It is on 59.22% on game rankings and 59/100 on Metacritic. On the other hand, Game Characters models and addictive combat praised. However, Out Dated environmental graphics criticized by the most critics.

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Pc Features

  • The bikini samurai squad armed with new moves and new demotic transformations.
  • Four ladies and four different playing styles with own unique weapon and abilities.
  • Many customizations and relay option added now. Mission Mode provides specific challenges, complete with different gameplay, unlock Yellow Orbs and use them for new gears and weapons or moves and get help to be on the top of the leaderboard worldwide online.
  • Dual language is allowing players to play in the original Japanese voice or to play the game in the English language.
Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Pc System Requirements
  • CPU                        Intel Core i3-4130 3.4 GHz (2 CPUs)
  • RAM                       6 GB RAM
  • OS                           Windows-7 and Windows-8 and Windows-8.1 and Windows-10
  • Free Hard Disk   10 GB Free Hard Disk or more
  • Video Card          NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/RADEON R7 370 with 1GB VRAM

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