Conqueror’s Blade Download PC Game Free Full

Conqueror’s Blade Download PC Game Free Full Version is a role-playing action-adventure strategic and tactical game. Booming Games Ltd which is a Chinese based development company has developed Conquer’s Blade Torrent. On the other hand, and published the game worldwide for all gaming consoles. The game is set in an open-world environment that looks at the inspiration of the Feudal and Medieval civilizations. Furthermore, the game offers the players to play in both single-player and multiplayer online or offline game modes.

Conqueror's Blade Download Pc Game

Conqueror’s Blade Free Full Pc Game Release Date

Developers initially started the development of Conqueror’s Blade Highly Compressed Pc Game in the year 2013. But it first officially announced at E3 2017. Initially, it titled as War Rage but later developers decided to change the title. Finally, it released on 24 June 2019 worldwide for all platforms. Meanwhile, the game published as Conqueror’s Blade For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For Android Apk Download and Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions.

Conqueror’s Blade Pc Game Download Free Gameplay

Conqueror’s Blade Free Download Full Version Pc Game is combat, Multiplayer, Action RPG, and survival game. The game course set in an open vast world that covers Medieval and Feudal culture. The leading person called Warlord that releases orders to set successful war strategies against the invaders. Meanwhile, turn-based acts have made it easy to enjoy the full rewards of real-time firing at the opposite or dodge their sly assaults. Both armies split into 12 separate forms of units. Both armies classified in 12 different divisions. Famous armored divisions are Tercio Arquebusiers, Cataphract Lancers, Winged Hussars, and Tercio Arquebusiers. To provide the old warrior’s shape to the fictional players, character and weapons customization enabled. The fighters’ wears contain sharp weapons like Nodachi, bow, Glaive, Musket, and Poleaxe. Hungarian and Swiss-made weapons are famous among the soldiers.

Players try to access them when loot granted via the progress of the game. In the meantime, the players involved in Siege type combat to capture or destroy opposite army’s forts or defending posts. On the contrary, Online Siege mode added that allows limited warriors to t6ake part in fight activities, and 16 persons can join one side army. Old times heavy tools come in their approach as long-range cannons, Trebuchets stone or other attacking material throwers, and Battering Rams. Instead of living only in the forts, players can build residential colonies where they exchange loot and weapons that captured from the losing army. In short, for Conqueror’s Blade Game Download Free Full Version For Pc gameplay help visit Youtube.

Conqueror’s Blade PC Reviews

Generally, the game received very positive reviews from the critics because of its fighting mechanics as well as fluent graphics and different type of elements used in the game. It received 8/10 rating points on Steam during the early access time demo release. However, Metacritic awarded the game with 89/100 points for Pc version.

Conqueror’s Blade For Pc Game System Requirements

  • CPU             Intel Core i3-3225 @ 2.8 GHz, AMD X4 @ 3.0 GHz
  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • RAM             8 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk      30 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • DirectX         Version 11
  • Video Card    NVIDIA GeForce GTX-650 @ 1 GB VRAM, AMD Radeon HD-6970 @ 1 GB VRAM

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Conqueror’s Blade Torrent Apk Download

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