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Zombi PC Game Download: this is one of the most exciting and entertaining Zombie games you can play with your friends. The game is also known as ZombiU. Further, it is a first-person survival horror game. Ubisoft Montpelier is the developer of the game. Meanwhile, the game player takes control of a human survivor amid a 2012 Zombie apocalypse. However, it was released in 2015For on PC  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Zombi PC Game Free Download

Zombi PC Game Free Download Pc Gameplay

A survival horror Zombi defense PC games set in the streets and different places in London. The player is a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. They are in contact with a mysterious figure who asks them to find a cure for the infection.  Light and Sound attract the nearby enemies to the player.

The game player uses stealth to avoid notice by the enemies. The Gameplayer has several ways to deal with the zombie. The player can confront the zombies with firearms, landmines, and Molotov cocktails. The player can collect New weapons, ammunition, and scarce items by searching areas or dead bodies.

Meanwhile, in Time Attack Mode players must kill as many zombies as they can in a limited time. In Survival Mode, the player stays alive as long as possible with a limited supply of resources. King of Zombies Mode is an offline asymmetrical multiplayer mode. A player using the Wii U Pro Controller plays a human survivor who must navigate a map to obtain all capture points.

Zombi  Game Development And Release

Ubisoft Montpellier develops Zombi Download For Android and Pc with an 80-person team. The monsters were based on the Rabbids because some people found the sound generated by the Rabbids annoying, in the game players trash and destroy them. The players must focus on one screen while ignoring the other. The tiny monsters were problematic since shooting them was unsatisfying.

The game developer team was inspired by the film I Am Legend in which the protagonist is the only survivor left in a city and must be constantly on guard against zombies. ZombiU the game’s working title became its official name since it was a zombie game for Wii U. However, the game was released on November 18, 2012.

Most importantly, It got generally favorable reviews with scores ranging from 4/10 by GameSpot. On the other hand, Zombi Pc was the 17th best-selling game in the UK in its first week of release.

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Zombie Defense PC Games Key Features

  • Pure Survival and horror game elements
  • With permadeath, everything is at stake.
  • Bug-out bag holds all your survival tools.
  • Survive in a city steeped in grisly history, royal secrets, and bloody tales through the medieval Tower of London.
  • With refined gameplay and upgraded graphics, Zombi PC Game brings the survivalist first-person shooter to next-gen consoles and PC.
  • More in-depth gameplay and story
  • Powerful weapons along with many kinds of zombies with unique attacking abilities

Zombi  Game System Requirements

  • CPU             Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.8 GHz
  • RAM           4 GB RAM or Above
  • OS               Windows-7 SP-1 (64-Bit)
  • Free Disk  25 GB Free Hard Disk
  • Video Card   NVidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better (2048 MB VRAM)

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