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Fast Dust Free Download: 2018 is a newly released vehicular sports car racing video game. Binary Giant Games develops and publishers of the game. The game included cars that were not as lush and advanced as the other developed car racing games. But these heavy vehicles are powerful and strong enough to travel quickly and safely through difficult environments.

Fast Dust Free Download For PC

Fast Dust Pc Download Release Date

Fast Dust Highly Compressed Pc Game Download: released worldwide on 22 August 2018. Meanwhile, the game is released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One version.

Fast Dust Pc Game Gameplay

Gameplay features a car racing realistic game experience with much entertainment. The players start the game by choosing a car out of ten unique cars featured in this game. These cars are not from the newly developed models but they are so powerful that after many damages the players can still win a race with these featured cars. For Full Gameplay, you must visit Fast Dust Youtube.

Fast Dust Pc Game Race Types

Fast Dust Game Free Download For Pc players can involve into four kinds of races which featured in the game. Standard Races in this game is to race against many drivers and the main target is to finish the race first. The second type of race in this game is the Elimination Races. In Elimination race, there are several gates on the race tracks and the drivers have to reach the last gate first to win the race.

The third kind of race called Check Point Race. In this, the driver lonely drive the car through the various track and have to reach the finish point within the given time. If the player wins the race then it will move to the next race. The fourth kind of race featured in the game is called Count Down Race. In Countdown race, the driver drives through various tracks in a given time.

Fast Dust Game Download Tracks

Fast Dust Game Download For Pc features 70 different hard, challenging tracks on various locations. The total track size is estimated 270 miles. Players during the races drive through very challenging and hard-driving environments while driving in forest tracks. Players in the game also drive in sandy areas as well as in the crowded rods of the factory town.

Fast Dust Highly Compressed Environments

The game atmosphere did not remain the same. So the tracks change with the change in the environment. The players can experience hard and challenging race in heavy rain with sluggish tracks or they can race through the heavy fog with the night-dark drive. The game offers some shortcuts on some racing tracks. The players by using these shortcuts can take advantage over their opponents and win a race.

Fast Dust Torrent Download In-Game Rewards

When a player in this game wins a race he awarded points as well as in-game money. The player pays the entry fee at the start of each race. A player can also earn this money by the bet with the other players. The bet can be a car or money. By winning the races the players unlock various upgrades to purchase by using this in-game money. These upgrades can be speed tunning, acceleration tunning, turbo or shortcut maps.

Fast Dust Full Version Game Multiplayer Gameplay Mode

Multiplayer gameplay mode allows the players to play the game and race with friends. On the other hand, Multiplayer Gameplay mode, is only available online. Meanwhile, Multiplayer Game Mode allows up to seven racers to compete in a race.

Fast Dust PC System Requirements

  • OS                     Windows-7, Window-8, Windows-10
  • CPU                   Intel Core 2 Quad Z 9550 And AMD equivalent
  • RAM                 8 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk        8 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Video Card     NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460
  • Internet           Broadband Internet Connection Required For Multiplayer Gameplay

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Fast Dust Torrent Download

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