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Vampyr PC Download: a role-playing action and fighting horror pc game. Dontnod Games developed the game. Meanwhile Focus Home Interactive published it worldwide. Furthermore, the game story plot based on the character of Jonathan Reid who turned into a vampire. Meanwhile, the game is set in the fictional semi-open world in London which is divided into four districts. The developers visit London and research for the setting and also take the help of history books and documentaries of the year 2018 during the Spanish Flu.


Vampyr Pc Game Release Date

The game release date is 5 June 2018 worldwide. Most importantly, The game uses Unreal Engine to run the graphics fluently. Meanwhile, the game released for Xbox One version and Xbox 360 versions. On the other hand, PS4 Release Date also 5 June 2018 worldwide. PS4 Teaser Trailer released with the game release. The game is also released For PS3 and a Microsoft Windows version For Pc.

Vampyr Gameplay

In the gameplay players take control of the role of a doctor named Jonathan E.Reid. He is a doctor who becomes a Vampire. His thirst for blood forces him to kill innocent peoples. For this purpose, Jonathan study and collect the important pieces of information about a targeted person. He makes relationships with the target and read about their habits. Furthermore, the option is also available to finish Vampyr Download Free Pc Highly Compressed Game without taking the life or killing anyone. It best covers the character as a doctor but leaves him nearly incapable of leveling up.

The game player did not kill anyone will allow extra rewards and unlocks the four different endings. Active skills allow the player character of Reid defensive, aggressive, healing and tactical measures passive skills increase his health, stamina, blood gauge, and absorption, bite damage and regeneration. In the game Reid turns people into vampires and is only able to enter a house with an invitation.

The game features a map of four different districts and each of the four fictional districts with unique locations in London has a score based on the average health of its citizens. Furthermore, Reid can wield improvised melee weapons, like a saw and ranged weapons including the Webley Revolver. To use three-hit combos, dodge, and parrying he can fight against other vampires like him. In the game these other vampires are Ekon, Skals, Vulkod, Nemrod, Guard of Priwen. Using vampiric powers in fighting with the other enemy characters the character’s blood bar drains slowly if the player character looses any of the blood. He can boil the blood of his enemy, cast blood spears, throw mist bombs and turn invisible. Raid use control of shadows to hide and strike at his opponents. View the full gameplay on. Vampyr Youtube.

Vampyr PC Game Free Download

Vampyr Review

Most importantly, the game Review received generally mixed or average reviews, according to Metacritic. Meanwhile, Destructoid’s Kevin Mersereau praised the dialogue and conversations, atmosphere and characters. On the other hand, Matt Utley of Game Revolution like the atmosphere, each district distinctive look and aspects of the combat.

Therefore, in its appearance at E3 2017 received one of GamesRadar’s Best of E3 awards. On the other hand, it also nominated for GamesBeat Unreal Underdog Award and Game Critics Award of Best RPG award.

Vampyr Pc System Requirements

  • CPU                Intel Core i5 2.53 GHz or AMD Athlon II X3 460 3.4 GHz
  • OS                   Windows-7 (64 Bit) or Higher
  • RAM               4 GB RAM
  • Video Card   NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or AMD Radeon R7 265
  • DirectX          DirectX Version 11

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