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The beast inside

The Beast Inside Pc Download Free Full Game is an action-packed, survival thriller and horror game. Illusion Ray Games Studio developed the game. On the other hand, Movies Games SA and Paly Way SA published the game for all platforms. The story is set in an old house deep into the forest which filled with a lot of mysteries and has strange places. The game only included singe player campaigns to play alone in the dark and horror world.

The Beast Inside Download Free Pc Release Date

The development of the game begins in the year 2016 by Illusion Ray Games. Meanwhile, it first announced on 06 February 2019. Furthermore, the game released worldwide on 17 October 2019. It released as The Beast Inside For Pc Microsoft Windows version, for Xbox One, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions.

The Beast Inside Game Download Free Full For Pc Gameplay

The Beast Inside Highly Compressed Pc Game is a horror, action, survival pc game. The players take control of the main character of Adams who was a CIA Agent. His life was at risk and he decides to live deep into the forest in a peaceful and lonely place along with his wife. They both travel to a village in the forest and start living in an old ancient and strange house. Once Adams find a diary which when open comes to know that it is written by Nicolas. Nicolas was also a soldier and lived in the house for several years. He has written all his strange incidents into the diary.

Players choose the multiple characters to play the game and can switch between them at any time of the level. At the start, the player searches the hidden places of the house. The players also find any kind of clues and hints about his main mission. The bad souls want to kill Adams and his wife. The dark forest is the home of these souls but you as a player have to survive and fight for your life. The players just have a revolver in his hand and have the ability to run, jump lay down.

In addition, the player can also use the environmental elements to survive and hide from the site of the enemies. Meanwhile, when safely escaped from the forest it awarded the players many rewards and also reveal the hidden truths and secrets. It also improves the players’ stats and skill levels. Furthermore, the player locks the next levels and many upgrades and weapons. However, it also unlocks new enemies and new stories to play. Finally, you must visit Youtube for The Beast Inside Free Full Version Pc Game Download gameplay help.

The Beast Inside Full Pc Game Reviews

The Beast Inside Game Download Free Full generally received positive reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, it got 8.5/10 rating points during the early access period on Steam. However, Metacritic awarded this game with 75/100 points. Furthermore, IGN and GameSpot awarded The Beast Inside Game 7.2/10 points each.

The Beast Inside For Pc System Requirements

  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU              Intel Core i3-4160 Processor @ 3.0 GHz, AMD Phenom X4 CPU @ 3.4 GHz
  • RAM             8 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk       40 GB Free Disk Space Required
  • Video Card     NVIDIA GeForce GTX-660 @ 2 GB VRAM, AMD Radeon R9 Series @ 2 GB VRAM

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