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Tales Of Berseria Pc Download Free: a Japanese role-playing action game. Bandai Namco Games develop, publish Tales Of Berseria Free Download. Tales of Berseria Torrent is the sixteenth game in the Tales Series. It is also the prequel of Tales Of Zestiria. The main story of the game revolves around the main protoganist simulation character of Velvet. Meanwhile, both Multiplayer and Single player Modes available in this game.

Tales Of Berseria

Tales Of Berseria Free Download Pc Release Date

Tales Of Berseria Pc Game Release Date is 18 August 2016 in Japan. The game released for PS3, PS4 and Pc for Microsoft Windows. PS3 and PS4 version released in Japan on 18 August 2016. PS4 version released in North America on 24 January 2017 While in Europe PS4 released on 27 January 2017. And Tales Of Berseria Pc version for Microsoft Windows released worldwide on 27 January 2017.

Tales Of Berseria Pc Download Free Full Gameplay

Tales Of Berseria Pc Download Gameplay features role-playing gameplay for the players. The players take control of Velvet the main character of the game. Velvet is a young woman. Players explore the game world through Velvet. Different Characters represented by head and shoulder portraits. Their conversations can be serious as well as comedic. A new skit system is introduced to the series. Players can freely explore or move around the field and rotate the camera in any direction.

In Tales Of Berseria Free Download Players fight with using physical and magical attacks and perform unique skills known as Artes. Meanwhile, that have various effects on enemies like stunning them or cause status ailments. However, With attacks there are abilities available like guarding against enemy attacks, sidestepping around the enemy and escape from battle. Meanwhile, Every character has a unique Soul Gauge showing up to five Souls, which used when Artes used. Soul Gauge automatically recharged after some time. if finished.

A party contains four characters. During the battle all characters controlled by the main character. The game is basically designed for single player but local multiplayer for battles also supports. On the other hand, Switch Blast can be used if changing characters with the use of Blast Gauge. The member switch in place of a reserve member.

Tales Of Berseria Characters

The main character for Tales Of Berseria Eizen and Velvet. Another important character is Magilou. However, In other Characters, there is  Laphicet, Eleanor Hume, Rokurou Rangetsu, Artorius Collbrande, and Series. On the other hand, There are also some other categories with different characters in the game.

Tales Of Berseria Costumes

In addition, Costumes are one feature which makes it a successful game. Velvet main character has a Regular outfit, Villager Clothes, and Prisoner Clothes. While there is also Summer Holiday Costumes available in Tales Of Berseria Download Pc. However, In other costumes, there is Pirate Costume, School Costume, Fairytale Costume and Japanese Costumes. Meanwhile, In this game also features Menagerie Costume, Maid Costume, and Rutee Costume.

Tales Of Berseria System Requirements

  • CPU                  Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz And AMD Phenom II X2 550 3.1GHz
  • OS                     Windows-7 And Windows-8 And Windows-10 64-Bit
  • RAM                 2 GB RAM Required
  • DirectX            DirectX Version 9.0c Required
  • Free Disk        15 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Sound Card    DirectX 11 Compatible
  • Video Card    GeForce 9800 GTX And AMD Radeon HD 4850

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