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Metro SimulatorMetro Simulator 2024 Free Download Full Version For Pc Game is a racing, action, simulation, vehicles pc game. KishMish Games developed and published Metro Simulator 2024 Torrent worldwide for all platforms. The game features the struggles of a metro train driver in simulated underground tunnels to keep it in the right direction. The game features both single and multiplayer to play the game.

Metro Simulator 2024 Pc Game Release Date

The game was released on 19 April 2019 worldwide. It was released as Metro Simulator 2019 for Pc Microsoft Windows, Android Apk, Linux version, macOS version, Xbox version, Play Station version, and Nintendo Switch version.

Metro Simulator 2024 Download Free Pc Gameplay

It is an action, strategy, racing, vehicle, and simulation game. The story of the game revolves around the struggles of a train driver. Who applies his ultimate driven force to keep it on the right track. Game mechanics are designed so well that each brake and increasing the speed of the metro bullet train displays it as part of the real world. The internal view of the driver cabinet shows different parts.

The view provides a glance at speed meters, switches, panels, speed increasers, and CCTV footage displays. The virtual passenger added that they boarded the train when it reaches the next metro station. An amazing system was introduced to pick up and drop off the boarded customers at their favorite locations. In addition, two metro trains were added to run over the fast track of the metro. Heavy lights mounted upon the forehead of a train to enlighten up the darkest tracks. Train passes through beautifully designed tracks as Moscow metro tunnels. However, Passengers boarded on trains when the train reaches a station and its doors opened auto.

Camera footage shows the external view of fast-running metros and a glance at the passengers. On the other hand, Traffic lights are found on the journey path to apply international traffic laws. Awesome music tracks were added to increase the joy and raise the glow of the game. Controllers provide easy grip on brakes, speed limit and to reach the train at a metro station in time. Game mechanics are designed dynamically to show the driving actions related to the real world. Finally, the best simulation vehicle game with such features that are ever found in racing games. In conclusion, for Metro Simulator 2023 Game Download Free Full Version For Android Pc gameplay help visit youtube.

Metro Simulator 2024 Game Download Pc Reviews

There are no reviews available yet for this game at the moment.

Metro Simulator 2024 Pc System Requirements

  • CPU                  Intel i5 processor @ 3.0 GHz, or AMD Athlon equivalent
  • OS                     Windows 7, Windows 8
  • RAM                 4 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk        40 GB Free Disk Space Required
  • DirectX            Version 11
  • Video Card      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 430, AMD Radeon ATI-550 or Above

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