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Halo Combat Evolved PC Download: is a Military mission fighting, action, Science Fiction first-person game of 2001. Bungie Developed Halo Combat Evolved PC Torrent. Meanwhile, Xbox 360, Xbox One Microsoft Windows, and the Mac OS X torrent versions were published by Microsoft Game Studios worldwide in the year 2003. It is the first game for the Ha-lo Franchise. It was released on 15 November 2001. The storyline is adapted from different novel series, comic books, and live-action web series.

Halo Combat Evolved PC Game Free Download


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Players take control of the character of the Master Chief. Meanwhile, Master Chief is a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier. Octane an artificial intelligence the Master Cheif’s neural interface with the player. Players fight battles against various aliens type of sci-fiction and advanced enemies. They attempt to know the secrets of the eponymous Haloo. It is a ring-shaped fiction world place in the game. On the other hand, the game is appreciated for its vast variety of game elements. These are its story, a variety of strategies which players can apply. And it’s multiplayer mode. IGN ranked it as the fourth best first-person shooter game. Most importantly, over five million copies estimated sold worldwide till 01 November 2005.

Halo Combat Evolved Pc Gameplay

Halo Combat Evolved Free Full Pc Game Download gameplay is almost similar to the other games previously released in the series in the genre. However, It is focusing on combat in a 3D environment. The player can move here and there look up or down and right or left. Its heads-up display indicated on the top bar includes a motion tracker. It registers moving allies and moving or firing enemies and vehicles within a certain radius of the player.

When this health meter reaches the zero point level the character dies. And the player can start the game from a saved checkpoint. On the other hand, conventional firearms weapons cannot overheat but require reloading which effects the playing ability of the players. In short for halo 1 torrent download full gameplay visit youtube.

Enemy Forces In The Game

Covenant an enemy force includes Elites, warriors protected by recharging energy shield similar to the shield as the player has. The secondary enemy is the Flood. The parasitic alien life form that appears in three main variants. Flood warriors are the infected form of humans and Covenants elites. They have deformed bodies because of this infection.

Another group of enemies the Sentinels, robotic drones designed by Forerunners to protect their structures and prevent the damage of Flood outbreaks. They produce an energy shield if under attack. They use powerful laser beam weapons and are immune to infection by the Flood.

Multiplayer Mode Gameplay

A split screen mode allows two players to play through Halo’s campaign. Halo Combat Evolved Highly Compressed Pc Game includes five multiplayer game modes from four players to sixteen players.

Halo Combat Evolved Game Download Free Full Development and Release

On 21 July 1999 during the Macworld Conference & Expo, Steve Jobs announced that Ha-lo would be released for classic Mac OS and Windows simultaneously. Meanwhile, the first trailer was released at E3 2000. Till now it was just a first-person shooter game, Which transports starship crashlands on a mysterious ring world that orbit a star. On the other hand, humans on the ring-shaped world resort to guerrilla warfare. Meanwhile, it was released in North America on 15 November 2001. However, the halo for Pc Microsoft Windows version was released on 30 September 2003. It also has the support for online multiplayer play and featured sharper graphics.  It is available for Xbox 360 on 4 December 2007.

In addition, the game received critical views according to video game aggregator Metacritic based on reviews from 68 professionals critics. Some praised the game as the most important launch game for any console ever. And commenting, GoldenEye was the standard for multiplayer console combat.

Halo Combat Evolved Pc System Requirements

  • CPU                   Pentium II and Athlon Equivalent
  • CPU Speed      733 MHz
  • RAM                 128 MB RAM
  • DirectX            DirectX Version 8.1
  • Sound Card    Yes
  • Free Disk         1.2 GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • CD ROM           8x Speed and Faster CD-ROM Drive
  • OS                      Windows 98 SE, ME, Windows-2000, Windows-XP
  • Video Card     32 MB Video Card, T & L Capable

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Halo Combat Evolved PC Torrent Download

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