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Ride 2 Pc Game Download is a vehicle racing game for Playstation4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Milestone S.R.I developed this game. However, Milestone S.R.I and Square Enix Co. Ltd published the game worldwide. Meanwhile, Game released worldwide on 7 October 2016.  Furthermore, It is a sequel to the Ride earlier released video game.

Ride 2

Ride 2 Pc Download Free Full Version Game: is a new bike racing game from the makers of Valentino Rossi: It has more than 200 different power and different style bikes with different and challenging 30 tracks of racing and also 1200 customizable parts. It is a huge game but there is no danger of overwhelmed.

You start as a rider and you have to choose a bike that suits you also you have to find a riding style that suit you in racing according to your bike and set your bike in the best position to win against the most professional riders of different brands.

Ride 2 Pc Game Download Free exists tracks of wildest and most exciting and challenging races of all time. A country, City, Gp, Road, Motard and Drag race either Challenge the hardest types of roads and leave a slipstream at every squeal of tyres.

Ride II Pc Download Game Modes

Ride 2  includes 12 different modes of a long-lasting and with much fun and game experience. The game player can race through the beautiful, hard and be challenging tracks of the game. Ride the motorcycles in typical styles or race along fast and windy styles, make motorcycles jump, drive in curves and compete the opponents in special slaloms between traffic cones. While playing Ride 2 player must be very quick and fast and highly skilled to drive more and more fast to beat your opponents because in this racing game time does not stop.

Ride II Pc Free Download Game Techniques

Ride 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game includes over 200 bikes. These bikes are two strokes 125cc to some of the most powerful sports bikes of today. Every bike has a different handling style in the game. For example, Naked bikes have a smaller learning angle compared to sports bikes and it requires you to approach the turns with different trajectories also some bikes are very easy to handle but bikes with more than 200 HP will throw you off if you don’t use the accelerator properly.

The player can set the difficulty level according to their skills. In addition, the game includes three different simulation levels and each one is a different physics model so you could need help in certain situations or you can risk everything with pro physics turned on.

The Biggest feature of the game is the Supermoto Competition. These are motocross bikes that are modified to better suit the tarmac surfaces of different tracks. Supermoto Bikes are all about acceleration so super tracks are usually narrow and curvy but in some circumstances, there are some huge and dangerous jumps. All in all Supermoto bikes make riding a  fun and allow the player to drift and enjoy the ride. But while you drive you to need to maintain the full control and master acceleration out of bends.

To perform well on laps on any of tracks of the game you must find a perfect bike that suits your riding style and first get out of the track and perform some laps to get used to the bike and then you work on your bike setting. You can boost your bike by modifying 5 min areas of a motorbike. You have more than 20 modification available to you to get the best out of your bike.

New Features Added in Ride II Pc Game

  • Over 200 bike models
  • New categories of Legendary 2 strokes, the supermotos, and the Cafe Racers.
  • 30 different tracks with different topographic features each.
  • World’s 18 most important manufacturers
  • Over 1200 customizable parts and over 600 different liveries that can be used to transform a motorcycle.
  • New social features and new friends for a complete and exciting game experience with full of fun.

Ride II Pc Game Free Download System Requirements

  • CPU                      Intel i5 2500K 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 850 and above
  • OS                         Windows-7 SP1 and Windows-8 and Windows-8.1 and Windows-10
  • Video Card         GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 6670 1GB
  • Free Disk             33 GB Free Hard Disk
  • RAM                     4 GB RAM

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