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Fallout 4 PC Download Free: an action role-playing action PC game. Bethesda Games developed this game. While Bethesda Softworks published the game worldwide for all consoles. Furthermore, the game is the 5th main installment in the Fallout Game Series. Most importantly, the game uses the Creation Engine to run the game fluently and provide an uninterrupted and realistic gameplay experience. The game features a single-player gameplay mod for the players.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Download Pc Release Date

Fallout 4 Game release date is 10 November 2015. The game released for PS4, Fallout 4 Xbox one and for pc Microsoft Windows. It sold more digital than physical copies on the launching day.

Fallout 4 Download Free Full Version Game For Pc Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to the earlier released game Fallout 3 in the Fallout series. This game introduced features including layered armor system, base building, dialogue system which features 111000 dialogues, crafting system to implement every lootable object in the game. There are enemies like Super Mutants, Deathclaw,  Feral Ghouls, Mole Rats, and Raiders. The Companion Dogmeat also featured in the game.


Players can travel to a certain location freely and very fast. Players also can customize weapons. The weapons feature over 50 base guns. These can be crafted with many modifications. Modifications like barrel types, laser focus and more than 700 other modifications included in the Fallout 4 Highly Compressed Pc Game. There is another weapon named Fallout Zeta Gun which is a unique weapon of the game. It is rewarded after completing the secret of Cabot house.

The Power Armor also improved to more be like a vehicle than an equipped suit of armor, requiring fuel and dead weight which can be modified by the players. Players can add items to the Power Armor like a jetpack and select separate types of armor for each part of the suit. New feature added the ability to craft and destroy settlements and buildings. The players also can build many defenses around their settlements like turrets and traps to defends against many enemy attacks. Fallout 4 maps featured in the game are Diamond City, The Commonwealth, The Island, Nuka World and Far Harbor Map. For full Gameplay Pc visit Fallout 4 Youtube.

Fallout 4 Game Download Free For PC


Fallout 4 Pc Download Reviews

Fallout 4 Pc Download Free Metacritic reviews received generally favorable reviews. GameSpot awarded the game 9/10 points. On the other hand, Dan Stapleton of IGN awarded the game 9.5/10 points. Meanwhile, Polygon awarded 9.5/10 points to this game.

The game also nominated for many game awards and also won game awards. On the other hand, It won the game of the year award from the 19th ceremony of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science. In addition, it nominated for various awards from GameSpot, GamesRadar, EGM, Game Revolution and IGN.

Furthermore, the game sold 1.2 million copies on Steam in its first day of release. Bethesda shipped 12 million units of the game to retailers within the first day of release. On the other hand, it Announced in 2017 that game sold more than the previous sale of the game.

Fallout 4 Pc Requirements

  • OS                      Windows-7, Windows-8, Windows-10
  • CPU                   Intel i5 2300 2.80GHz And AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz or Above
  • RAM                  8 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk           30 GB Free Hard Disk Required
  • Video Card         NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 2GB And AMD Radeon 7870 2GB or Above

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